What is Yoga Therapy?

Although traditional yoga classes often will provide therapeutic benefits for psychological and Caelinphysical disorders, yoga therapy is designed  around a particular issue such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, or chronic pain/illness. Breath techniques, relaxation, physical postures, and meditation to help better manage the specific issue are the focus of sessions. Caution should be advised to those experiencing psychological difficulties such as complex trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder in participating in a traditional  yoga practice, especially to those experiencing high activation (i.e. frequent panic attacks, flashbacks, or nightmares) from disorders. What seems to most benign activities (e.g. breathing and postures) can be quite triggering to people dealing with trauma.

Private one on one yoga therapy sessions get highly specific, helping the individual to discover their own specific needs and designing a yoga path to help facilitate their healing. Highly activated clients are advised to complete several private sessions prior to starting a group class. Yoga therapists are accredited and trained to assess and treat psychological and physical disorders. Treatment plans at our practice are reviewed by our registered psychologist and progress is continually supervised through case consultation to ensure treatment goals are being met.

For more information about yoga therapy and the training for yoga therapists and yoga instructors, please visit the following links:

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