Overcoming Anxiety Clinic Reviews:

” This clinic was wonderful! I am so thankful…! The info(rmation) and skills shown and taught are practical tools for me to use and practice in my daily life to deal with anxiety. I wish I had these (tools) when I was a kid but it’s never too late to use (them).” – L.A.

“Loved it – significant decrease in anxiety over the past few weeks. Very useful tools given to help ourselves…” – L.C.

On suggestions for improving the clinic: “How about a session 2! Loved this program and want more.” K.B.

Caelin Nadin (Certified Yoga Therapist):

“Caelin creates an inviting, safe and fun environment to explore and tap into your inner strength. So many positive and exciting changes in my life since receiving Caelin’s practical advice and gentle words of wisdom” -K. D

Comments from 2014’s Private Yoga Therapy Trial for Veterans with Caelin Nadin, C-IAYT:

“(Yoga Therapy) has helped me to relax and not worry as much by doing the breathing” – N. S.

” As an introduction to this type of therapy, I was quite impressed. This personalized approach to building a cooperative plan is greatly appreciated and needed by someone such as myself.  (Caelin is) a very knowledgeable and dedicated individual. (She) demonstrated a keen understanding of my status and a very compassionate attitude towards my condition. What made this especially important to me was the cooperative effort of all concerned to provide a personalized plan based on my needs. Again, I think this is a great therapy tool to include in anyone’s wellness plan…I suffer from PTSD and Major Depression Disorder; I would much prefer this approach to treating my conditions rather than anti-depressants”.   – S. K.


General Comments

” Love the student discount, it helps big time. I also liked the ability to book my initial appointment online, that helped me feel less nervous and overwhelmed. All in all, it’s been a great experience thus far!”


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