Sarah Williams, MA, Registered Psychologist

Sarah Williams

sarah-picSarah is a team member at True North Psychological Services (located at Suite 207, 362 Lacewood Drive, Halifax, until our move the end of June 2017).  She has extensive experience working with individuals (ages 5+) regarding ADHD, learning disabilities, stress/anxiety, sleep hygiene, social skills, developmental delays, behavioural difficulties, and emotions. Services include: assessment, counselling, and coaching. Clients are provided with a quiet and supportive environment to share their concerns and explore solutions.

Assessments provide clients with both a greater awareness of their learning needs, as well as effective strategies. ADHD assessments provide information about inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Psychoeducational assessments provide information about attention, cognition, language, memory, processing speed, graphomotor control, phonological awareness, executive functioning, and academic skills).

Counselling and/or coaching services provide supports regarding emotional health (self -compassion, relaxation, mindfulness), personal relationships (friends, family), and skill development (time management, organization, memory, planning, task completion, executive functioning). Sarah works within a multi-disciplinary model, collaborating with various professionals.

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